About Us

Incorporated in the year 1998, StockPlus Financial Services renders financial services. Our products and services across various asset classes like equity,IPOs, debt instruments, mutual funds, insurance planning, retirement planning, financial planning & Equity Broking makes us a one stop investment avenue for our clients. Over these two decades in the financial industry, we have transformed from equity sub-broking firm to a complete financial services firm.

Serving over 1500 clients, our primary focus is to cultivate long term investment habits in our clients to maximize their wealth. Keeping in mind the ‘client first approach’, the interest of our clients is our topmost priority.

Our Philosophy

We truly believe and try to assimilate our clients that:

  • All that matters is how and what you invest in life.
  • Investing is not about RETURNS, it is about knowing the Risk you take to make potential returns.
  • For Wealth Creation, it is more important to put emphasis on “WHAT NOT TO DO”, rather than what to do.
  • Financial planning helps people to open their mind and heart to what they want in life.
  • Wealth creation has no real meaning without creation of a happymind.

We nurture our clients to develop a strong belief that Long Term Equity - whether direct investments or Indirect,through Mutual Funds - out performs all the Asset Classes.

The Management

We have established a core team of employees, who drive the day-to-day aspects of broking, compliance and back end operations with utmost care and to the highest level of client satisfaction.

The core team is lead by Mr. Bipin M. Savla, the owner of StockPlus Financial himself. Being a CFA & CFP, he has all the knowledge and the required skill set to be an all round investment advisor and a financial planner. Being in the financial sector for over 30 years gives him a substantial leverage over the other players in the industry.

Mr. Bipin, with his team, conducts in-depth study of clients’ financial circumstances, risk profile and future goals, assists clients in making informed decisions and review investments on a regular basis, which helps clients to pursue their long-term goals.

Mission / Core-values


To emerge as the most preferred financial service provider in the country, assisting our retail and institutional clients to achieve their financial goals.

Core Values

Our core values are at heart of everything we do.

  • We strongly believe in ‘client first approach’, our clients’ interest is our topmost priority.
  • We act with integrity at all times.
  • We act professionally in everything we do.
  • We treat everyone fairly with respect.
  • We are enthusiastic and are always willing to help others.

If you compromise on your core values, you go nowhere.

- Roy T. Bennett.

Why Us ?

  • In equities it is more important to sail through the cyclical ups and downs of the market. We are considered one amongst the best to predict timely entry and exit in the market which helps our clients to maximize the returns.
  • Mobile/online trading. Trade via telephone or online on your Android/IOS device or on your laptop.
  • Online account opening. Open up a mutual fund or a share trading account without any hassle, at the comfort of your home.
  • Talk to a qualified stock broker, not just an order taker, when you trade.
  • Extensive market research.