Product & Services

Advice Based Equity Broking

Our Equity Advisory has qualified stock brokers who are trained to give the right advice. After evaluating your investment portfolio and risk appetite, they recommend a portfolio that meets your investment goals.

Stock SIP - Doesn’t it sound new?

Stock SIP is specially designed for you to dedicate your investment to a set of pre-decided scrips of your choice by investing systematically. A SIP is an investment in shares in order to accumulate wealth for big ticket purchases. The stock recommendations for doing stock SIP are hand-picked by our research team for long term value creation. This is a unique way to invest in stocks, to take advantage of volatility of the markets, also known as the ‘auto averaging of cost’ concept.

Corporate / Government Bonds and Corporate FD’s

For investors with a conservative approach, investing in corporate/government bonds or corporate FD’s can be an appropriate avenue to invest in, as they have a fixed yield and are less risky as compared to equity markets.


Execute your own trading and delivery calls on our online trading platform. Execute your orders on-the-go on your mobile phone or laptop.


Ensure your family’s well-being by securing their future with an insurance policy. No financial planning is complete without insurance. We offer through our associates an array of insurance products like Term Plans, Mediclaim and ULIP Plans to meet your individual insurance requirements.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a crucial part of financial planning as you run the risk of out-living your savings and not being able to maintain the same life style in your retirement years. It enables you to make the optimum use of your hard earned money post retirement.

Advice Based Mutual Fund

Investing in a Mutual Fund is an excellent way of diversifying risk as well as the portfolio. Mutual Fund plays a vital role in one’s financial planning and achieving one’s financial goals. We at StockPlus Financial, strive to meet these financial goals of yours.

  • Online (through BSE Star MF Platform) and offline transaction facility.
  • Dedicated Customer Help desk for Mutual Fund.
  • Very unique way of doing SIP through NACH.

Offer for sell (OFS)

We provide services to participate in bidding of shares on as an exchange based platform of OFS.


We are facilitating the marketing/bidding of the issue. We also provide advice or IPO Notes on the issue.