New Listings

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Company NameOffer Price
Listing DateList Price
Last Traded DateLast Price
Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd. 22517/01/2023270.0027/01/2023245.00
Sah Polymers Ltd. 6512/01/202385.0027/01/202383.95
SVS Ventures Ltd. 2012/01/202320.5027/01/202314.70
Rex Sealing & Packing Industries Lt... 13512/01/2023137.0027/01/2023162.55
Radiant Cash Management Services Lt... 9404/01/202399.3027/01/202391.35
Elin Electronics Ltd. 24730/12/2022243.0027/01/2023208.60
KFIN Technologies Ltd. 36629/12/2022369.0027/01/2023316.45
Abans Holdings Ltd. 27023/12/2022270.0027/01/2023266.35
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd... 5423/12/2022102.0027/01/2023159.55
Landmark Cars Ltd. 50623/12/2022471.3027/01/2023617.60
Sula Vineyards Ltd. 35722/12/2022358.0027/01/2023376.65
PNGS Gargi Fashion Jewellery Ltd. 3020/12/202257.0027/01/2023165.60
Uniparts India Ltd. 57712/12/2022575.0027/01/2023542.60
Sirca Paints India Ltd. 16012/12/2022634.6027/01/2023624.75
Sarveshwar Foods Ltd. 8508/12/202285.0527/01/202383.70
Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd. 23708/12/2022266.0027/01/2023177.10
Ambo Agritec Ltd. 3002/12/202240.1027/01/202335.50
AAA Technologies Ltd. 4228/11/202278.7527/01/202361.65