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Company NameOffer Price
Listing DateList Price
Last Traded DateLast Price
LE Travenues Technology Ltd. 9318/06/2024135.0019/06/2024185.25
Sattrix Information Security Ltd. 12112/06/2024150.0019/06/2024150.00
3C IT Solutions & Telecom (India) L... 5212/06/202443.0119/06/202449.65
Magenta Lifecare Ltd. 3512/06/202445.0019/06/202457.42
Kronox Lab Sciences Ltd. 13610/06/2024165.0019/06/2024152.00
Associated Coaters Ltd. 12106/06/2024142.0019/06/2024180.20
Awfis Space Solutions Ltd 38330/05/2024432.2519/06/2024499.90
Go Digit General Insurance Ltd. 27223/05/2024281.1019/06/2024332.10
Piotex Industries Ltd. 9417/05/2024109.0019/06/202484.49
Aztec Fluids & Machinery Ltd. 6717/05/202490.0019/06/202474.00
TBO Tek Ltd. 92015/05/20241,380.0019/06/20241,580.00
TGIF Agribusiness Ltd. 9315/05/2024150.0019/06/202493.99
Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. 31515/05/2024314.3019/06/2024402.95
Finelistings Technologies Ltd. 12314/05/2024127.0019/06/202458.25
Indegene Ltd. 45213/05/2024659.7019/06/2024569.75
Amkay Products Ltd. 5508/05/2024104.5019/06/202481.00
Sai Swami Metals and Alloys Ltd. 6008/05/2024114.0019/06/202454.80
Storage Technologies & Automation L... 7808/05/2024148.2019/06/2024176.90