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New Listings

You can view newly listed companies exchange-wise. Click on the name of the company to get more details.

Company NameOffer Price
Listing DateList Price
Last Traded DateLast Price
ICL Organic Dairy Products Ltd. 2017/02/202021.0026/02/202022.10
Chandra Bhagat Pharma Ltd. 5114/02/202042.9027/02/202042.90
Janus Corporation Ltd. 5006/02/202050.7026/02/202043.00
Tranway Technologies Ltd. 1005/02/202011.1026/02/202013.87
Gian Life Care Ltd. 2213/01/202022.0026/02/202016.00
Valencia Nutrition Ltd. 4606/01/202046.4526/02/202046.00
Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd. 17830/12/2019160.0027/02/2020173.50
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd. 3712/12/201958.0027/02/202049.45
JSG Leasing Ltd. 1006/12/201915.2813/12/201916.59
CSB Bank Ltd. 19504/12/2019275.0027/02/2020174.50
Anuroop Packaging Ltd. 1321/11/201913.2526/02/202012.99
Mount Housing and Infrastructure Lt... 1006/11/201929.3023/12/201935.10
Gensol Engineering Ltd. 8315/10/201985.4020/02/202083.05
Goblin India Ltd. 5215/10/201955.0027/02/202097.00
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd. 6015/10/201961.2027/02/202070.10
Indian Railway Catering & Tourism C... 32014/10/2019644.0027/02/20201,956.00
Galactico Corporate Services Ltd. 2309/10/201923.2007/02/202028.50
Misquita Engineering Ltd. 2704/10/201927.8518/02/202060.00