Book Closures

You can view the book closure details of companies with their date and purpose.

Company NameFrom DateTo DatePurpose
JSW Energy Ltd. 01/06/202407/06/2024Final Dividend
LKP Securities 01/06/202407/06/2024Final Dividend
Havells India 03/06/202407/06/2024Final Dividend
Foseco India Lim 05/06/202411/06/2024Final Dividend
Himadri Speciality 08/06/202420/06/2024Final Dividend
SMC Global Secur 08/06/202412/06/2024Final Dividend
JM Financial Ltd. 10/06/202414/06/2024Final Dividend
Nelco Ltd 11/06/202417/06/2024Final Dividend
Jindal Saw 12/06/202418/06/2024Final Dividend
Kriti Industries 12/06/202418/06/2024Final Dividend